With 64% of businesses planning to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems within the next three years, it’s clear that many companies are starting to prioritise workforce productivity, efficiencies, and data management. 

However, some businesses do still overlook ERP integrations for fear of change, cost, required resources and impact on day-to-day operations. But this shouldn’t be the case and in fact, ERP integrations can save you time and money in the long-term. 

In this blog, I’ll explain exactly what ERP integrations are, the four biggest business benefits of ERP integrations and why they shouldn’t be neglected.

What is an ERP?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system brings together various business functions such as sales, customers, finance, HR, and supply chain, into one place.

The core purpose of an ERP is to streamline processes and make the day-to-day running of an organisation easier. There are lots of different ERPs on the market, with three of the most common being NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP. 

What is an ERP integration?

An ERP integration is when you connect your ERP system with other business applications such as your e-commerce platform, CRM or finance software.  The aim of an ERP integration is to share company-wide data across systems to boost productivity and efficiency.

Here is a list of applications that ERP systems can integrate with:

What are the benefits of an ERP integration?

There are many benefits of ERP integration including streamlined processes, improved data visibility, enhanced communication, reduced costs and better customer service.

In fact, studies show that ERP integrations can improve processes by 95% and cut operational costs by 23%. (Forbes, 2024).

Here’s each ERP integration benefit in more detail.

Accurate, real-time data

By integrating your ERP with other applications, you’ll have one single source of truth for company data. This eliminates data silos and provides easy access to real-time data from different departments in one place. This is faster than relying on multiple systems with conflicting information, reducing errors and enhancing visibility. 

Automate manual tasks

With a fully integrated ERP, you can automate time-consuming tasks and workflows. For example, manually managing stock control on your e-commerce platform can take a long time but with an ERP integration, you could automatically feed live stock updates directly into your e-commerce platform so it’s always up to date. 

Enhanced collaboration

With everyone working from the same system, you’ll foster better collaboration and communication across teams. You’ll all be able to easily access and share data, leading to faster decision-making, increased productivity and a more enjoyable way of working.

Better customer service

With real-time access to customer data and order history, your sales and support teams can provide a faster, personalised and more informed customer service. This will boost customer satisfaction and retention which ultimately, will help you grow sales.

If you’re considering an ERP integration but not sure on the best approach, please get in touch and we’ll book a call in to chat about your ERP system.

Google, Amazon and Cloudflare have successfully stopped the largest-known online attack

In the last week, Google and Cloudflare released details of the largest ever cyber attack in terms of volume, that has ever been received. For context, Google said “the two minute attack generated more requests than the total number of article views for all of Wikipedia in September 2023”.

These attacks are used to bring the largest of websites down, causing potentially unlimited amounts in costs. Scarily, it’s believe the attack came from a (relatively) very small botnet of around 20,000 machines, whereas often large scale attacks come from hundreds of thousands, or even millions of machines. Were that to have been the case here it could have been possible to send the same amount of traffic the entire web sees to a small number of targets.

Our advice

Cloudflare protects against the vulnerability that made the attack possible. It’s a service we use for clients that sits between the internet and their servers. It filters out all the bad traffic, and speeds up requests for everyone. It’s completely free to use (they have a paid tier which unlocks some extra features), and we highly recommend it. All clients who were already on Cloudflare are already protected against the attack (named “HTTP/2 Rapid Reset”), and we’re patching servers for all other clients.

If you’re not already on Cloudflare, we highly recommend it and can help you move over.

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