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Horizon Global

Helping a global manufacturer
master their B2C offering.

The Challenge

How does a global manufacturer act
globally but think locally?

The Solution

By transforming into a lifestyle
e-commerce suite of brands.
The Results
“Having Reckless as an extension of our team has enabled our internal cultural shift to be a great success. Reckless’ experience has supported us, not just digitally, but also with our relationships with stakeholders, distributors and customers.”
“Having Reckless as an extension of our team has enabled our internal cultural shift to be a great success.”
Mareike Mueller, Global Brand Manager, Horizon
YOY increase in
Organic Traffic
since launch
YOY increase
in Conversion Rate
since launch
YOY increase in
ROI since launch

Go to market strategy and planning.

Horizon Global is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality towing and cargo accessories, along with other related accessory products to the automotive aftermarket, retail, and original equipment channels worldwide.

Strategy & Consultancy Workshop Reckless

We have strategically supported Horizon Global by holding various workshops focused on identifying customer personas in order to shape our marketing strategy. Successful projects are the result of a clear strategy and the mutual support from your digital partner.


Through our sessions, we worked closely with all stakeholders to understand the end customers’ needs. We then intertwined these with Horizon’s objectives and developed a digital strategy which better engages, converts and retains their customers.


Horizon Global Radar Chart

We provide full digital marketing services to the multi-brand group, enabling us to have complete transparency with their requirements. Direct Marketing and Web Development took our initial focus, with other services complementing the overall strategy.

Bringing the B2C offering to life.

Following a number of acquisitions, Horizon Global identified that the future growth of the business required them to diversify their offering and introduce a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. Horizon Global includes brands such as Witter Towbars, Westfalia, ROLA and Trojan. 



Reckless has helped core brands Witter Towbars and Westfalia, to overhaul their product and brand representation and create a new direct to consumer approach. New websites have been delivered for Witter Towbars and Westfalia and most recently, their new lifestyle superstore online, Ixplor.


Under construction.

We have worked closely with the Horizon Global team to empower their digital transformation programme. Our work centered around creating a digital ecosystem for Horizon Global to be able to sell their products directly to consumers throughout the UK and Europe.


The core challenge was to create a user-friendly journey which allows customers to make an informed decision when purchasing a towbar. This ensures it is suitable for their vehicle and enables them to book their towbar fitting either on the driveway or at their nearest fitting centre.


Built using the Laravel framework, the bespoke web application includes a  multilingual CMS and CRM system. The build incorporated simple to use online tools for customers to buy products or services.


The websites were developed with authenticity and lifestyle triggers. Ultimately, this assisted their shift from a traditional B2B product-led business into a market-leading B2C lifestyle e-commerce suite of brands.


The global technical framework which we re-built from scratch integrates with Business Process Management ERPs and Product Inventory Management (JCatalog) that exist within Horizon Global.

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Driving traffic.

Towbars can be seriously complicated. 7-pin, 13-pin, dedicated and universal kits. For the average customer, buying a towbar can be quite overwhelming. To overcome these pain-points, we set about using search data to identify and address the common concerns that stopped a customer progressing in their journey. This involved the creation of long-form educational guides that resolved common queries as well as targetting long-tail keywords. Finally, to help push these guides onto the first page of Google, we launched several digital PR campaigns to gain high-quality backlinks and increase brand awareness.



Our in-house content and outreach team contacted the most influential camping and caravanning bloggers, asking them to submit their favourite camping recipes. From the responses we received, we created ‘The Ultimate Camping Cook Book’. The publication was made available as a downloadable e-book from the Witter Towbars website and distributed to the industry by the bloggers and through outreach. This campaign merged the physical and digital world as the publication was also printed for trade shows and exhibitions.

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61,800 estimated coverage
witter cookbook
AirBnB vs hotels price comparison

The UK has plenty of great places to explore. But where exactly should you stay when you’re taking a short staycation break? A hotel or an Airbnb property? Airbnb vs Hotels: A Price Comparison campaign was a data-led study looking at the average cost of a hotel room and Airbnb across every UK county.

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12 pieces of National coverage

Planning a road trip? No doubt the safety of your family is top of your list. To help out Witter’s holiday customers, we put together a data-led study that discovered which region of the UK has the worst drivers.

Text panel stat image
32 pieces of National Coverage

We’re forever in search of the perfect travel destination for our Instagram grid. A data-led study was carried out that unearthed the most popular UK travel destinations for Witter’s Instagram addicts.

Text panel stat image
152 pieces of National & Local Coverage

Childhood. Possibly the only time in your life that you’re truly free. To encourage more outdoor exploration, we put together a data-led study that investigated the decline of childish adventure.

Text panel stat image
72 pieces of National & Local Coverage

The wider vision.

With the introduction of three new websites came the need for new content. Shifting from B2B to B2C, we have created lifestyle-driven content and mapped keywords against specific products and categories. We have focused on product benefits, rather than features, and created a series of guides to address FAQs. Moving forward, we will continue to optimise further for organic search, implement PPC campaigns and begin digital PR.