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Knowsley Safari Case Study

A truly wild experience
for Knowsley Safari

A truly wild experience
for Knowsley Safari

The Challenge

Knowsley Safari tasked Reckless with the job of designing and building a website that captured and portrayed the brand’s proposition of a ‘truly wild encounter’, giving the user a sense of adventure throughout the site.
Knowsley Safari Logo
Baboon Bus Corner

The Solution

We carried out our research and discovery stages, reviewing the existing website using heat mapping software and distributing a customer survey online which generated valuable rich data. Through continual research and testing we paired this with existing Knowsley Safari insight that had been gathered and defined some clear need statements for key personas whilst continually testing our product against them.
The Results
“After a number of years with the same visual identity, the time was right
for Knowsley Safari to update its website look.”
“We’re really pleased with Reckless’ creation and we feel the new website perfectly reflects our customer-centred approach and our sense of adventure.”
Rachel Scott, Head of Marketing at Knowsley Safari
increase in ticket sale
conversion rate
increase in
ticket sales
increase in
organic traffic

Design & UX

Our Design and UX team had the objective of creating an immersive design that showcased the playfulness of Knowsley Safari’s brand. To ensure that the design had as much bite as an African lion, our team produced a prototype wireframe which was tested with a group of visitors inside the safari park.

Design and UX


Our developers had the enviable task of bringing a set of high-fidelity designs to life. Through striking transitions and
exhilarating video content, the team were able to demonstrate a rejuvenated Knowsley Safari brand!


The new website has provided the Knowsley Safari team with the perfect flexible platform to present a consistent brand message online, translating into the enthralling adventure offline at the Safari.