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LABC Warranty Case Study

Building authority by challenging foundations

The Challenge

With the launch of a new website and marketing strategy, LABC Warranty engaged Reckless to launch a B2B digital marketing campaign that established its authority over the housing market and developed brand recognition with land developers and builders.

Reckless set out to:
a) Build credibility and authority in the housing industry.

b) Acquire top-tier links from national and industry media outlets.

c) Increase organic and referral traffic.

The Solution

We built datasets which documented the size of living spaces and living standards across various locations in order to:

1. Gain great PR coverage and links in
top-tier publications.

2. Start a lively debate and make noise within
LABC Warranty’s industry.

3. Gain focused PR coverage in industry-led
publications read by the target audience.

4. Be seen by land developers as the industry
leader driving change in the quality and quantity of Britain’s houses.
The Results
“The level of PR coverage that Reckless has generated through this campaign is above and beyond what we ever expected.
Their forward-thinking approach has enabled LABC Warranty to challenge our competitors who conform to traditional marketing activity.”
“Reckless's forward-thinking approach has enabled LABC Warranty to challenge our competitors who conform to traditional marketing activity.”
Craig Ross, LABC Warranty, Head Of Commercial Development
Top-tier backlinks from media outlets both in and outside the UK in addition to a 13% increase in organic search traffic.

Implementation and creativity.

While LABC Warranty’s audience consists of land developers, builders and self-builders, their product and services have a much wider impact. So we wanted to tell a bigger story.

There are lots of social issues surrounding the sector, from the cost of purchase to the integrity of new builds. It’s an important subject to everyone because our home is our own personal space where everyday life unfolds.

Taking this emotive angle, we wanted to make property personal.

We built datasets for our campaign which spanned across three very interesting story angles:

  • Are Britain’s houses getting smaller?
  • Which cities have the smallest houses?
  • Which cities have the worst standard of living?

Results and evaluation.

The campaign was delivered on time and under budget and in its first 10 days started to pick up extensive coverage in the media starting with an exclusive, full cover article in The Guardian.

From there, the campaign and data went “viral”, picking up national, international and industry coverage.

Structural warranties and building insurance; it’s not very glamourous. However, by focusing our data-led approach to digital on broader social issues, we have successfully positioned LABC Warranty as an authoritative voice when it comes to addressing challenges within the housing industry.

Not only did we exceed expectations in terms of:

  • 250+ links from the world leading publications
  • 71.03& increase in organic traffic
  • 35% increase in brand awareness

We also managed to:

  • Start a Government petition to improve Britain’s housing market
  • Start a debate on quality and size of housing in the House of Commons
  • Contribute to the wider housing debate on social media.
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313,000 Coverage views