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The Original Tour

Taking London sightseeing
to new heights.

The Challenge

How does a London sightseeing tour establish organic search presence?

The Solution

By delivering a digital PR and content marketing strategy to generate top-tier links and drive organic traffic.
The Results
“Our organic traffic has increased by 49% YOY and as a result of this, we are now generating more bookings directly through our website.”
“Our organic traffic has increased by 49% YOY and as a result of this, we are now generating more bookings directly through our website.”
Karen Charles, Head of Digital, The Original Tour
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Hopping on board.

Following their attendance at one of our Incite Sessions, The Original Tour was keen to begin a tour of digital marketing with Reckless. Therefore, we joined the nationwide competition for a lengthy pitch process to win the digital marketing contract with the capital’s leading hop on hop off sightseeing tour operator.

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Since hopping on board with Reckless, we have worked together to increase traffic, order value, conversion rates and customer engagement for The Original Tour. Through regular workshops, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the overall strategy contributed to their wider business goals.

The Original Tour radar chart

Direct marketing was the initial focus, with content marketing, SEO & PPC being core services. Following company growth and a new direction for 2019, we have since expanded our service offering.

In the fast lane with content.

Within a 12 month period, The Original Tour gained over 154 pieces of coverage, with an estimated 2.31 billion coverage views. Take a look at a selection of the campaigns and blog articles below.

If you’re considering a trip to London, no doubt choosing the best London airport will be high up on your decision list? The ‘London’s Best and Worst Airports’ campaign was a data-led study, analysing travel and passenger data for all six London airports and the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The campaign involved 22 pieces of coverage.

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313,000 Coverage views

‘What does the world want to know about Britain?’ involved collating data by searching for ‘why is Britain’ or ‘why are Brits’ in Google. We did this using the native language for each country and noted the top autocomplete result to reveal what the world wanted to know about Brits.


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39 pieces of Coverage
Britain The Original Tour
what to wear The Original Tour
smartest-cities the original tour

The ongoing vision.

Following on from our digital marketing success, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of The Original Tour and their future objectives. Looking ahead, we will be working with them to bring digital to the forefront of the hop-on-hop-off experience. This will include developing their 2019 digital roadmap and new guest experiences online.

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