in additional annual revenue
increase in Domain Authority
Reckless has generated real, tangible results, bringing us miles closer to our vision of being the industry-leader in the pump world. The online presence Reckless helped us establish is something we are immensely proud of.” 
Gary Gardner, Sales and Ecommerce Manager at Anchor Pumps


Anchor Pumps is the largest independent pump distributor in the UK, supplying thousands of household, commercial and industrial pumps and accessories for all types of applications. Heating systems, showers, home boosters – you name it, Anchor Pumps stock it.


Keen to be positioned as ‘the experts in the plumbing and pump industry’, Anchor Pumps needed to improve its online presence and rank high on Google to achieve its ambitious growth targets. That’s when the team asked us to significantly boost organic search visibility to drive relevant website traffic and increase online sales.


Kicking off with an in-depth SEO audit, we painted a clear picture of Anchor Pumps’ existing and prospective customer personas whilst identifying important keywords and phrases searched for online. This fuelled our content-strategy as we pumped out a series of blogs and how-to guides to make the site home to the most useful, relevant and timely content in the industry.


The blogs alone accounted for 39% of all website traffic, generating 120+ featured snippets on Google, 1700 organic backlinks in titles such as Lifehacker and House Digest, and £550,000 in additional revenue year-on-year.

To further establish Anchor Pumps as an industry-leader, we executed digital PR link building campaigns – a tactic we knew would help swing Anchor Pumps to the top of search engines. The Times, The Express and The Daily Star were just some of the top-tier titles we secured around 200 reputable backlinks in, generating even more publicity and keeping Anchor Pumps high up on Google search.


Our audit also flagged up technical barriers hindering Anchor Pumps’ domain authority including search visibility and conversion rate. We resolved this by enhancing the user-experience on desktop and mobile, and providing ongoing ecommerce support to ensure optimum website performance – accelerating the site’s domain authority from 40% to 80% in just four months.

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