In 2022, we built and launched Castle Green’s award-winning ‘new homes digital assistant’ Willow. Coupling CGI, e-commerce and a CRM, Willow enables Castle Green and its customers to manage the entire home buying journey, from initial enquiry to aftercare, in one digital place.


Castle Green use Willow to showcase homes using CGI technology, sell home extras, manage all documents, and book appointments.


Home buyers on the other hand use Willow to take virtual home tours, reserve houses, track build status, manage paperwork, customise rooms and buy extras like fittings and materials.


Our objectives this year were to further enhance Willow’s user experience (UX) and buying journey to increase sales of extras, like room fittings, fixtures, and materials by 5%.

Features of Willow


After UI analysis and customer research, we discovered a need for better flexibility, accessibility and personalisation. To achieve this, we implemented a range of new and improved features.


We integrated Willow with leading property portals Rightmove, Whathouse and Onthemarket. Now, when someone enquires about a home using these channels, their details automatically transfer to Willow so Castle Green can instantly follow up. This has streamlined the online home buying journey and provides a new avenue for lead generation.


To deliver a personalised customer experience, we connected Willow with live chat software MoneyPenny. Now, when customers need to contact Castle Green, they can use Willow’s live chat function to instantly speak with a team member.

Additionally, Willow harnesses UTM source tracking data so Castle Green can see where customers come from – for example Google, RightMove or social media – and how they interact when using the Willow platform. This enables Castle Green to continuously improve their experience by tailoring Willow’s features and marketing activity accordingly.


What’s more, Willow stores all this customer activity, including interactions, live chat messages, call logs and e-mails, in the user dashboard. Castle Green therefore knows what stage of the buying journey the customer is at and as a result, can tailor conversations based on the most accurate, up to date information.


The improvements have increased sales of home extras by 7% (exceeding our 5% goal) to reach £1-million revenue.


What’s more, CGI tours are now available for an impressive 85% of home extras, offering buyers the convenience of browsing a digital catalogue of fittings and materials, and purchasing those that suit their taste.


Last but not least, we were shortlisted at the 2024 UK Dev Awards for Best Platform/Tool of Year!

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