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“The results have been fantastic. Our paid ads are off to a strong start and we are confident delivering the more we work together. We’ve loved getting to know everyone and I’ve felt a weight drop off my shoulders.”
Ben Parry, Owner at Chu Gummies

A bit about Chu Gummies

Chu Gummies is a tasty, pre-workout and protein gummy brand enhancing athletic performance and recovery. It launched in 2020 as a quick and easy alternative to mix protein powders and wash out shakers – one that’s unique and packs a punch.

Chu Gummies paid ads campaign Reckless marketing agency


Having had poor experiences with digital marketing agencies in the past, the Chu team tried running their own paid ads across Meta and Google but simply didn’t have the time to focus whilst running the business. They weren’t able to scale the ads and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) wasn’t where it needed to be, so they asked us to deliver a targeted paid ads strategy to boost sales.

Chu Gummies paid ads campaign Reckless marketing agency


Before we began, we ensured all ad tracking was set up correctly so we knew exactly which areas of our campaigns worked and which didn’t. This meant that we could optimise campaigns accordingly by scaling well performing areas and pulling back on those performing poorly.


We refined the targeting on Google Ads and Meta, feeding clean first party data to the bidding algorithms and introducing ads tailored to people’s interests and what they’re looking for. This drove significant improvements in both the volume of sales coming through ads and profitability. TikTok Ads were also introduced, reaching broader and engaged audiences outside of Meta and Google.


Continuously testing campaign types, creatives, ad copy, targeting and bidding strategies enabled us to scale revenue without impacting profitability. So much so that we’ve achieved a ROAS of 3.15 and more than doubled revenue 106% month on month!

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