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“Reckless has transformed our website. The buying journey is infinitely easier and the response has been phenomenal, so much so customers have rated it 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. They’ve added new features and automated processes as well which now saves us so much time. A fantastic team to work with.”
Claire Boyle, Content Strategist at DCYPHER


DCYPHER cosmetics is the world’s first fully customisable foundation brand. It uses a revolutionary AI-powered ‘Skin Tone Analyser’’, to create custom-blended foundations, concealers and coverage drops that perfectly match the customer’s skin shade.


DCYPHER needed a digital agency to build a new website that enhances the entire customer experience by streamlining the buying journey and making it easier to use the AI analyser. The challenge was that the website platform DCYPHER uses doesn’t naturally support the level of advanced functionality we needed to build in, so we had to think outside the box.

DCYPHER & Reckless - digital marketing agency in Liverpool and Chester


We custom built an ‘invisible’ Laravel app using an API to transfer scanned skin shades and sales data between the customer and website. This data flow is exactly what we needed to deliver a vastly improved UX and add new flexible website features that weren’t possible before. 


Now, customers can create their own account, label and save their skin tone for later or proceed directly to check-out. There’s a ‘skin tone labelling’ functionality which allows customers to organise and name multiple shades within their account, and location tracking for automatic currency adjustment based on the user’s country. 


The entire orders, shipping and returns process is now automated too. Customers can either choose a refund upon return, or complete a form which predicts a closer tone based on feedback. 

DCYPHER & Reckless - digital marketing agency in Liverpool and Chester

Due to this high-level of third-party code (AI + Laravel app is no mean feat), we delivered optimum Technical SEO for quick loading, high traffic volumes, security and responsiveness across all devices. 


The website has a beautiful design, clear messaging and call-to-actions. We also added real DCYPHER customer reviews, user-generated social content and press coverage from titles like The Telegraph and Gracia to build credibility. 



DCYPHER has seen a huge impact since we built the new and improved dcypher.me. Not only have we enhanced the UX but we’ve streamlined efficiencies internally by automating processes that used to be manual.

Since launch, DCYPHER has enjoyed a 3.5% conversion rate (above average for e-commerce health and beauty websites) and a 180% increase in users. The website has scored 100% on technical SEO including 100% good mobile and desktop URLs, 0 Core Web Vitals issues and a rapid fast page load speed of 0.9 seconds.

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