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Online retailer Dryft sells home wellness products including scented diffusers, wax melt burners and essential oils. The majority of sales were being generated through Amazon, but the brand wanted to start leveraging Instagram as an additional sales channel.


Our challenge was to implement a targeted social media and influencer strategy that increases awareness of Dryft and boosts online sales.



We began by establishing clear social media goals so we understood exactly what Dryft wanted to achieve and how to get there.


These included creating a captivating content catalogue of Dryft products for social media, building brand awareness and desirability around the Dryft brand, and driving online sales through Instagram.


To begin, we staged a professional photoshoot of Dryft’s diffusers, melts, and oils in natural lifestyle settings. This content is exactly what we needed to launch an engaging social media strategy rich with captivating photos, videos and Instagram reels. Leveraging social media trends, we ensured all posts and captions engage users, delivering consistent messaging and truly reflecting the beauty of Dryft’s products.


To build brand awareness, we handpicked 10 home and lifestyle influencers with smaller, yet highly engaged followers. This was more effective than choosing influencers based solely on their follower count because ultimately, user engagement matters way more.


Each influencer shared their first-hand experience with Dryft products across Instagram stories, posts, and reels, building trust and sparking conversations among their followers. This drove them to explore Dryft’s online shop, where discount codes were offered through the influencers’ links for additional purchase incentive.



As a result, our content was seen and resonated with relevant audiences on Instagram. We reached over 1-million followers across 10 influencer accounts and subsequently generated £600,000+ in revenue. Finally, we increased Dryft’s Instagram followers by 23% and overall engagement by 33%.

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