increase in revenue from target listings
increase in CVR
increase in ad impressions


Bird feed is one of the most competitive consumer landscapes in eCommerce. There’s thousands selling on Amazon competing for sales, so our challenge for retailer Feeds&Seeds was to identify which bird feed products to compete on without giving up margin, stand out from the competition and reduce reliance on paid Amazon Ads


We identified the best bird feed products selling on Amazon, particularly those with a low number of views but high conversions. Then we did a small sample of customer research to understand what potential customers were searching for, and how we could differentiate from other listings. 

We used this information to tailor each product entirely to our key audience demographic, creating SEO-rich content for every listing, including bespoke A+ templates for parent and child ASINs. This enabled us to run a resilient Amazon PPC strategy with A/B testing, successfully delivering more sales without losing margin, and within a target Amazon Cost of Sale (ACoS) of 5.0.


As a result, we saw an (im-peckable) 474.6% increase in revenue from target listings, with bird feed TACoS sitting at 11.6%. We increased our Amazon Ads conversion rate by 298.5% and saw a 724.6% increase in ad impressions. Seed-sational!

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