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“The website is sleek, modern, and customers can easily find what they’re looking for. We’ve seen a jump in efficiency, freeing up time to grow the Keycraft brand and better serve our customer-base. The team at Reckless were great to work with because of their personality, commitment and attention to detail.”
Murray Smith, Head of Marketing at Keycraft

The project

Keycraft is a global B2B wholesaler selling quality ‘pocket money toys’ to retailers like garden centres, leisure centres and museums. It has ambitious growth plans, so was looking for a website development agency to deliver an advanced new website that would streamline efficiencies and provide a fun, interactive user experience (UX). 


We were recommended to Keycraft by soft toy retailer Living Nature – one of the many big names within the Keycraft brand – as we’d already successfully built its website and thought we’d make a good fit. We jumped at the chance and our partnership has grown from there.

Brands under the Keycraft retail website | Reckless marketing agency

The challenge

Keycraft’s UK and French websites were difficult to use for both customers and internal staff, lacking important functionality such as the ability to set availability of toys based on region. They didn’t integrate into its Netsuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system either, a big problem considering this is the system Keycraft uses to power and manage all business operations. They also had a restrictive, inflexible stand-alone app used by internal sales reps, as well as a clunky ordering interface for call centre staff.

We were tasked with a huge challenge – streamline the process for all audiences whilst developing a new, multi-tenancy website that looks easy on the eyes and delivers a vastly enhanced UX – that’s no mean feat!

Image on Keycraft retail website

Our solution

Knowing we were catering to three audiences – businesses, sales reps and call centre staff – we scoped out the project, optimising the user journey for each segment, designing the sitemap and planning the ERP integration. Using Laravel to build the site from scratch, we developed a new integration powered by Netsuite’s native APIs to provide more ongoing flexibility than something off-the-shelf. 

Keycraft serves customers globally, so we built multilingual functionality across multiple location-based subdomains, enabling website users to search for and purchase toys available in their region, whether that be in the UK, the US or the rest of the EU.


To enhance the search UX further, we used fuzzy matching techniques so that if users type spelling mistakes, the search engine detects the typos and still recommends products. This combined with the ability to search for products based on key attributes really allows customers to drill down into the products they’re interested in. 

Complex builds and integrations
Keycraft website and Netsuite integration by Reckless, a digital marketing agency in Liverpool and Chester

The launch was a huge success, and B2B customers rated the new website experience 8.5/10!

Keycraft offers businesses free display stands when purchasing certain toys too, so we created an immersive ‘display stand builder’, enabling users to say what kind of retailer they are and choose a display stand style to suit. Based on this, the site suggests relevant toys they might like to sell in their stand before checking out. This used to be a manual process involving a conversation with a rep, so coupling this functionality with all website data now integrating with Keycraft’s ERP means the whole process is infinitely more streamlined and efficient, saving time and money.

New retail website that improved the customer experience at Keycraft by Chester marketing agency Reckless

For the sales reps and call centre staff, they now have the ability to log into their own Keycraft account to view and manage customer enquiries, sales, quotes, profit margins and prices. Sales reps can plan routes to visit customers by viewing an interactive map, and can see all of the customer’s gross margins in real-time against all products. All this data now integrates seamlessly with the ERP, negating the need for manual data entry and stand-alone apps used previously.


With longevity in mind, the overall design and user-interface accurately portray the fun feel and personality of the brand, further accelerating Keycraft as it evolves on its growth journey. 

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New retail website that improved the customer experience at Keycraft by Chester marketing agency Reckless

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