Kingspan is the global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions.

We were challenged with aligning multiple regions, departments and global divisions by presenting one consistent user experience (UX) across every section of its website.


Kingspan is a global brand so we have taken a global approach to training, governance and copywriting. This has involved multiple ‘mini projects’ over the course of many years.


We’ve carried out customer and target audience research to understand how customers find products and interact with the website. This has involved heat mapping, card sorting activities and interviewing and videoing users while they complete specified tasks so we could understand their thought processes while browsing the site.

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Off the back of this, we proposed a new product navigation structure which aligned with user expectations rather than the company divisions. We also suggested changes to the category and product page layouts to make it far easier for users to find the specific information they are looking for. This led to us writing category and product page content which was optimised for both the user and search engines.


Following on from this we then delivered training based on the framework we established above. These training sessions covered a customer-focused approach, content creation, copywriting frameworks and SEO tools and practices.

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The Results

This isn’t a typical ‘results-driven’ project as it’s involved multiple mini-projects over many years, mostly centred around training and governance. We have built a solid relationship with Kingspan and have the buy-in of the Kingspan digital team so they keep returning to us for smaller projects and ongoing help with their digital governance.


A lot of the research and customer insights have been in preparation for a site rebuild to ensure teams were better aligned once the new site launched. The customer insights have informed prototype designs and the proposed site structure, based on the learnings we gained from the research.

Getting Down to the Detail

Our work with Kingspan has involved brand governance and training so we work on a consultancy basis. This has given us the opportunity to showcase our skills and experience to support a wider global team.


Kingspan needed digital governance to provide a consistent experience across every website and entity within the Kingspan group. This included a consistent approach to content, how they spoke and the way things appeared on each website. We created tone of voice, brand and writing guidelines to be shared across all teams so that different regions had clear guidance to follow and could be better aligned.

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