in first year revenue
Top Seller
status in Etsy’s flower category
Top 3
organic positions for key flower search terms


Online retailer Mysa creates beautiful and naturally preserved flower arrangements. While it already had an established Shopify eCommerce website, our job was to help Mysa start selling on Etsy to reach new customers.


Online marketplace and Amazon ads agency in Liverpool and Chester


We completed customer, competitor and marketplace analysis to understand the wants, needs and behaviours of Mysa’s target audience on Etsy. This enabled us to identify which flower arrangements would sell on the platform, what would be a realistic price to sell them for, and which marketing tactics would drive the most sales to achieve target revenue.


To align all listings to Mysa’s audience, we completed thorough SEO keyword research to identify popular search terms and phrases related to flowers and floral arrangements. We wrote engaging product descriptions and optimised all copy, products titles and tags to increase visibility and ensure that when users searched for flowers, Mysa was there to help. 

Mysa Flowers on Etsy

We used stunning, high-quality images and videos showcasing the flower arrangements, and organised Mysa’s shop into simple sections to make it easy for customers to navigate and find what they’re looking for.


In its first year selling on Etsy, Mysa generated £140k in revenue, achieved “top seller” status in the flowers category and appeared in the top 3 organic search positions for key flower terms.

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