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We’d worked with online health and beauty retailer NordChem for a year when fraudsters started hijacking its Amazon listings and stealing revenue. Unfortunately hijacking is common practice on Amazon – one day your product listing is safe, generating sales, happy customers and profitable reviews. The next day, there’s an unauthorised seller targeting your business and taking your revenue.

With thousands of pounds being taken from sales each day through, NordChem needed us to take back control.



We set up all of NordChem’s individual brands on Amazon’s Official Brand Registry, protecting its IP, fast tracking trademarks and ensuring official products are recognised. 

Then we signed up NordChem to Amazon’s Transparency Programme, ensuring all products are verified by Amazon before they’re shipped to the buyer. This means if someone tries to hijack a product or sell a fake item again, they’re automatically blacklisted and the goods are never sent. 

To get NordChem’s loss of revenue back, we partnered with external solicitors to send cease and desist letters to the hijackers’ business address, informing them of the legal ramifications and invoicing them for damages. We also worked closely with Amazon itself, to place copyright infringements against all sellers accounts targeting NordChem listings.



NordChem successfully recovered 100% of revenue lost, and every seller that hijacked NordChem has been officially removed from Amazon. NordChem now has maximum protection against hijackers and infinitely more control over its listings, so it can continue to sell products on Amazon whilst being confident its account is safe and secure from fraud.

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