in first year revenue
Amazon Choice
for 6 out of 11 products


Online retailer NordChem wanted to bring its health, medical and beauty products to new UK markets by selling on Amazon. Our job was to develop an Amazon marketing strategy focused on identifying which new audiences to tap into, which products to promote and the best price to sell them for.



To understand market size and what Amazon users are searching for, we conducted thorough customer, competitor and marketplace research. We developed a product and pricing strategy highlighting NordChem margins, target revenue and expected TACoS, before creating a tailored Amazon PPC strategy that aligned with the brand’s objectives.



We successfully entered new Amazon markets, enabling NordChem to expand its customer base and generate £1-million in first year revenue. The products selling on Amazon dominated target categories, becoming Amazon’s Choice for 6 out of the 11 items we launched – all within a TACoS of 19%.

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