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Since Reckless started running PPC ads and digital PR campaigns our online presence has flourished. They’ve brought creative and fresh ideas to fruition, we’re ranking higher on Google and sales have boosted.”
Mike Taylor, Marketing Manager at NordChem


Online retailer NordChem launched in 2021 offering a selection of cruelty-free health and beauty products ranging from distilled water and hydrogen peroxide to caster and grapeseed oil.


The health and beauty industry is highly competitive – there are thousands of brands selling similar products and scrambling for the same consumers. Relatively new on the scene, NordChem wanted to stand out by making some noise and improving Google search visibility to drive brand awareness and sales.



Data built the foundation of our SEO and PPC strategy. We ran a technical audit and keyword research to identify search terms NordChem should rank for, and used this to optimise page product listings and paid Google shopping ads. The latter promoted key health and beauty products and flash seasonal sales, continuously testing to understand which audiences, creatives and bidding strategies drove the most conversions.

To drum up noise and make NordChem ‘glow’, we simultaneously ran a series of reactive digital PR link-building campaigns. ChatGPT is the talk of the town, so we piggybacked to launch our ‘Most Beautiful People in the World” campaign, asking an AI to draw what it thought was the most beautiful man and woman in 14 countries. This campaign alone earned 52 backlinks, a 2500% jump in website traffic and 22 pieces of media coverage in titles including Metro, Daily Mail, Marie Claire and Lifehacker. 


Working hand-in-hand, our digital PR and paid ads strategy generated an additional £570k in online revenue – all in NordChem’s first year of trading.

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