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Payzone needed to launch its upgraded, brand-new ‘Payzone Plus’ device to new and existing retailers.


Payzone asked us to launch a marketing campaign to promote the new device and its enhanced portfolio of services, encouraging existing Payzone retailers to upgrade, and persuading new retailers to join.


We focused on campaign messaging and research, exploring pain points Payzone retailers experienced when using the historic Payzone device. The campaign messaging; smaller, faster, better, communicated the benefits of the Payzone Plus device and positioned itself as the alternative device retailers had been waiting for.


We identified which marketing channels would most resonate with each key audience segment. Paid advertising, magazine placements and direct mail were used to generate leads from retailers new to Payzone. Meanwhile, email and organic social generated requests to upgrade from existing Payzone retailers.

“You know the tablet they provide now? Well, I need a smaller one because it takes up too much space really. Too many receipts, too many wires.”

“I’d like to see more services on the terminal than we do now, like British Gas.”

We created a dedicated Payzone Plus landing page, featuring informational content about the device’s USPs and wider Payzone services. Our campaign activity directed potential leads to this page, where users registered their interest in joining Payzone or upgrading their devices.


With a strategic approach to lead generation, we evolved our campaign activity from a catch-all approach to targeting specific regional areas with fewer Payzone stores.


We worked closely with Business Development Managers to develop campaign messaging that overcame the common barriers they experienced when getting retailers to upgrade, sign up or switch to Payzone Plus.


Over the last 12 months, paid advertising generated 16,000 clicks and we exceeded the target for new devices installed by 35%. Furthermore, we achieved a lead-to-install conversion rate of 25%.

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