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“Reckless was tasked with a huge piece of technical development work, but they executed it seamlessly and the results have been transformational. We have a future-proof setup and can deliver for hundreds of schools across the UK.” 
John Stevenson, Co-CEO at Stevensons

A bit about Stevensons

Stevensons is a family-owned business providing uniforms and sportswear to 550+ schools across the UK. With 29 high-street and on-campus shops and an online store, demand rockets around July and August as that’s when most customers start buying childrens’ uniforms for the following school year. 


Now, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that Stevensons used to manage customer orders and payment transactions could no longer keep up with the scale of this seasonal demand, so it was being replaced with a completely new alternative – Netsuite


Knowing this meant the website also needed rebuilding, Stevensons’ asked Netsuite partner Catalyst – the company installing the system – for a recommendation. That’s when we were introduced to come in and support. 


Complicated. Bespoke. One of the most complex builds we’ve ever done.


Not only were we rebuilding the front and back-end of Stevensons’ website from the ground up, we were doing it within an extremely tight timeframe. All the same product data and functionality needed aligning and recreating including the ability to register an account and manage orders, purchase and personalise uniforms, search for local schools, book in-store fittings – the list goes on. 


What’s more, the Netsuite ERP, website and integration needed to go live simultaneously to minimise disruption to customers, and everything needed to launch before the school year rush. Challenge accepted.


We worked closely with Netsuite partner Catalyst to establish a clear and effective technical integration plan for ‘co-inventing’ the new systems together. This was imperative as we weren’t implementing something quick and pre-made, we were building a highly bespoke and sophisticated integration requiring meticulous planning and communication.


We agreed timescales, ensured all parties knew their responsibilities and identified opportunities and potential roadblocks so we could address them early on.

Stevensons' website and Netsuite integration by Reckless, a digital marketing agency in Liverpool and Chester

We used Laravel to replatform the site and build a tailor-made comprehensive integration with Netsuite. This provides the flexibility to support any future requirements and grow in any direction the business takes. In addition, we hosted the new website on AWS to leverage its resilience and ability to scale up and meet demand during busy school periods.

Together, we successfully replaced the new Netsuite ERP, replatformed the site and built an integration so all personal account details, school names, year groups and personalised products are perfectly streamlined. This meant that for customers purchasing products via the website, and for the internal team using the website to manage orders, the whole process was infinitely more efficient, saving time and money.

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