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“Our website delivers for our customers, has streamlined efficiencies and we are able to continuously improve it to reflect the digital landscape. Reckless are a pleasure to work with.”
Mareike Mueller, Marketing Manager at Witter Towbars


Witter Towbars is Britain’s largest manufacturer of quality and reliable towbars, bike racks and accessories. We’ve worked together for seven years now, supporting Witter across all channels including web development, SEO and digital PR.


Witter wanted us to build a new ecommerce website with direct integrations into their ERP, as well as new user functionality including the ability to book towbar fittings, purchase accessories and search for partner garages. We needed to create a seamless customer journey to generate more revenue and traffic.


Towbars are a lot more complex than you’d imagine and although there may only be seven types of towbars, there are 10,000’s of SKUs based on car type. This can make product selection, let alone arranging a fitter, quite a difficult task.


Witter have a number of back-end legacy systems in place that needed fully integrating into the new website to ensure that stock and product selection is always accurate. We integrated their bespoke ERP and PIM systems into our new ecommerce site to create a streamlined customer experience.


Alongside product selection, Witter also offers a Webfit service where a customer can select a fitter for their towbar. We created a user interface where the consumer can search for a fitter by location and book in their fitting, either on the drive or in a garage.


Next, we developed a paid media strategy and carried out research to enhance online search visibility and drive customers to the site. This involved prospecting and retargeting ads across PPC and coupling them with digital PR, technical and content-based SEO so that when customers had towbar questions, Witter was there to answer.

Witter Towbars & Reckless - E-commerce SEO agency in Liverpool and Chester


The blog content tied in with our SEO strategy, had over £220k of annual revenue attributed to it alone. We secured 40+ backlinks in media titles such as The Express, The Telegraph and The Business Desk.


All this increased the number of organic keywords that Witter ranked for on Google in positions 1-10 by 263% – that’s the largest share of voice, most ranking keywords and highest average organic position in the industry!

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