We create content for people, not just search engines

Between optimising for keywords, building brand awareness and producing data-led link building campaigns, writing quality content is more than throwing a few words together.

There are many types of content marketing and it takes a combination of content to persuade people to buy your product.


What is content marketing?

Content comes in many forms. It could be text, image-based, video or social posts and it all exists online. To align these different mediums, you need a solid content strategy which brings these forms together and is, ultimately, on brand.

Of course, you want people to find your product when they type it into a search engine so we make sure the right pages on your website are optimised for relevant keywords. However, the most important thing to consider is ‘is this content useful to the user?’. By addressing key concerns, our content will help your customers along on their journey to purchase.

Content Marketing Strategy

By interviewing your customers, completing a content audit and identifying areas of your site that need some TLC, we’ll create a comprehensive content marketing strategy in line with your goals. With long-form guides, we can address wider questions about your product or inspire customers with blogs about the cool things they can do with it.

SEO Copywriting

If you sell taps, you want to be sure that when someone searches for ‘chrome taps’ or ‘taps for sale’, your website shows up in the search results. We tailor product and service page content that tells your audience everything they need to know, whilst ensuring you’re appearing in the SERPs for relevant keywords.

Digital PR Campaigns

Is your website already littered with great content? It’s time to start building links through content marketing campaigns! Links from top-tier news outlets indicate that you are an expert in your field and help you rank higher in the search results. So, we create data-led campaigns and contact top newspapers with unique stories to drive links back to your site.

Other Types of Content

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing comes in many forms. From email marketing and social media posts to influencer marketing and marketing collateral, our ability to create engaging content is not limited. If a piece of content would work better in another form for your target audience, like a video or radio ad, we’re not scared to suggest it!

Want to know more...

Before you see the final product on your website, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to create engaging content which drives traffic.


Where do you want to be in the next 6 months? Through customer and competitor research, we can devise a strategy to take your content to the next level.

Tone of Voice

Who are you? What is your brand? What should it sound like? We will define your brand voice in a Tone of Voice workshop.

Keyword Research

What does this page need to rank for? By working closely with SEO, we sprinkle relevant keywords throughout the content to boost your rankings.

Data Collection & Link Building

For high-quality links, you need a high-quality story. We’re not talking about generic press releases but carefully crafted news stories from analysing unique data sets.

Competitor & Topic Research

How can we write about topics we know nothing about? Through careful research, we craft content that keeps customers coming back when they trust your brand.

Proofing & Editing

Even the greatest writers need to work on their words. With an internal proofing and editing process, we make finer changes before publishing content on your website.

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Scott Taylor, Content & Outreach Manager