Wait, isn’t SEO dead?

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second.

That’s 3.8 million searches per minute from people who are desperately seeking answers to their questions.

A search engine’s core function is to connect users with answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. The uptake of voice search means that 15% of searches each day have never been seen before.

We’re searching more frequently than ever before in increasingly diverse ways.

SEO is a long way from dead.

It’s just evolved from the pursuit of backlinks to a strategic application of useful content, contextually relevant links and a simple user journey.

SEO by Reckless

We use three key factors to gain more organic search traffic. What we do works, and we do it well.

User Experience

If your site is broken or difficult to navigate, you won’t satisfy user intent, aka the reason a user came to your site in the first place.

If you don’t satisfy user intent, no amount of fantastic copy or backlinks will enable you to rank highly because this is what search engines demand of a website more than anything.

It’s also the reason we incorporate CRO as a core component of our SEO campaign work for every client we take on board.


Great copy is the glue that holds a website together. From coherently explaining what it is you do and why that helps a user through to pointing them in the correct direction, content helps a user navigate their way through your site effectively.

Good content helps people to understand your proposition.

Great content persuades people to engage and convert with it.


Do they still matter? Yes.

Can you just go out and buy them? Yes, but you definitely shouldn’t.

Can Reckless generate great links through data-driven digital PR campaigns? Absolutely.

Return on Investment

Does SEO have an ROI? It generates revenue, leads and customers, but the effects are not always immediate. SEO is best geared towards long-term goals and finding tomorrow’s customers.

An investment in SEO is a long-term strategy because you’re not just reaching people who are ready to buy your solution.

You’re educating potential customers on the benefits of your product, reinforcing your brand promise to existing customers, and creating a valuable resource for anyone who finds you whilst trying to solve their problem.

Want to know more...

How do we get setup for SEO success? It's not sexy, but it's very effective

Customer Research

Understanding your customers' objectives enables us to create content your competitors can only dream of.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competition's strengths and weaknesses helps us focus on where to play and how to win.

Keyword Mapping

To make sure the right content appears in the search results, we determine which pages should rank for what keyword.

Website Technical Audit

If your site's slow, bloated or otherwise sub-par, we can get it into shape!

Backlink Audit

A healthy link profile makes ranking a whole lot easier and avoids those nasty penalties.

Measurement Plan

We set objectives, we agree targets and we get started!

“Before publishing a new web page, always ask ‘Am I serving the user in the best way possible for my target keyword?’ rather than ‘Will Google like my page?’

Do the former and you will achieve the latter.”

Matt Beech, SEO Manager