Highly targeted, strategic TV advertising allows businesses to serve different ads to different households who are all watching the same programme.  



What is Sky AdSmart?

Sky Adsmart is a revolutionary approach to TV advertising which allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from the impact of TV. As an advertiser, you can define the audience who see your adverts from thousands of factors, such as age, location and lifestyle. Your ads could now appear in the middle of Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic, or The Simpsons on Sky One!

Why choose us as your Sky AdSmart Partner?

By combining our data-driven approach with your campaigns, Sky Adsmart really speaks our language. Having a multichannel approach to your marketing campaigns is crucial and Sky AdSmart can help reach your customers in a way you have never been able to before.

Reckless can support you with the full strategy to ensure you get the most out of your advertising spend. We can tailor video content that supports your wider strategic vision and enables us to reuse content across other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. This enables us to create more cohesive, multichannel campaigns in a cost-effective way.

Our full video production & advertising packages also include social media edits to support a multi-channel campaign.

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Features & Benefits

Be seen on 100+ Sky channels

Access over 100 channels, including all of the Sky-owned channels, the Viacom portfolio (incl. C5), and many more. It isn't a case of guessing which channel your audience might watch. As long as they watch content live, or through on-demand catch-up, they will see your ad.

Reporting comes as standard

As with all campaigns at Reckless, delivery and results measurement are key. We will report on the total campaign viewing and provide clients with regular, detailed impression reports.

Only pay when you’re truly seen

Sky AdSmart is traded on a cost per impression (CPM) basis. However, you only get charged when your ad has been viewed in full-screen on a physical TV set for at least 75% of its duration. When viewers reach the 75% mark, we know that 95% of ads go on to be viewed in full.

Slice and dice the data

There are 90+ mosaic profiles available which include age, status, affluence and household composition. As well as this, there are 32 regional and metropolitan areas with local TV advertising frameworks that can allow you to target your customers by using postcodes.

Build your own super segments

Sky AdSmart TV gives you the opportunity to curate bespoke segmented groups by using your own consumer data. For example, you can data match your lists with those who subscribe to Sky.

It costs less than you think

The platform isn’t only for those with a large budget. With the minimum media spend at £3,000, your ad could be appearing on over 100 Sky channels. This means that Sky AdSmart has made TV advertising accessible and effective for local advertisers as well as big brands.

TV viewing accounts for 71% of all video viewing for the average UK adult.”

Thinkbox, 2019