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8 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency


Choosing a digital agency is tough. You’ve got long meetings to attend, dense pitch decks to pore over, every performance guarantee under the sun to consider. To say it’s overwhelming would be an understatement.

That’s why equipping yourself with the right questions can make choosing a digital agency a lot less stressful. With the right knowledge and understanding, you’re more likely to choose the agency that will get you the results you want.

Here are eight we think you should ask us.


How does the pitch team compare to the actual team? 

Pitching is scary. Money is on the line and it’s a make-or-break situation. It can get tense. For this reason, most agencies hire business development and sales pros to smooth out the process. Unfortunately, chemistry is key. And while you may strike up a strong relationship with the Sales Director, it’s the actual team working day-to-day on the account that you need a strong relationship with.


Do you have any references?

Like hiring an employee – You. Need. References. This is unnegotiable.

References such as:

“Having Reckless as an extension of our team has enabled our internal cultural shift to be a great success. Reckless’ experience has supported us, not just digitally, but also with our relationships with stakeholders, distributors and customers.”
Mareike Mueller, Global Brand Manager, Horizon

“Our organic traffic has increased by 49% YOY and, as a result of this, we are now generating more bookings directly through our website.”
Karen Charles, Head of Digital, The Original Tour

We apologise for the shameless self-promotion!



What’s the average staff tenure?

Staff turnover is a huge problem for digital agencies. The average tenure in the industry is just over one year. For you, this can mean multiple account managers, several SEOs and hundreds of different writers working on your brand.

Now, this isn’t a major issue. No business can guarantee to retain staff. However, longer than expected staff tenure can signal happy staff and, consequently, higher quality work.



How much time do you spend on discovery? 

Understanding your business and customers is critical to developing a coherent strategy. However, some agencies skip the discovery phase and go straight to implementing SEO and PPC campaigns. Now, this isn’t the end of the world. You can still build a display campaign without customer research. But campaigns that are based on a solid understanding of the customer are proven to deliver optimal results.


What makes you different from all the other agencies out there?

Throw them a curveball. Digital isn’t standing still, so it’s important your agency is looking for innovative solutions to your problems. It could be their expertise in a specific technology or an innovative approach to customer research. Either way, you’re looking for something that gives you an edge.



Have you done this before?

Experience isn’t everything. There are plenty of agencies who are more than capable of delivering certain services but have never had the chance. But if you are the guinea pig for a new piece of technology or service, you need to be aware of the risks involved.


Can we get a list of your clients and the services provided?

Case studies are inherently biased. That’s a given. No agency is going to show you their worst results. A smart idea is to gather a list of clients and services provided. You can then perform your own post-pitch research. You won’t get the full story, but it will set your expectations.


How will you work with us day-to-day?

Most pitches outline the overall strategy, key tactics, case studies and then finish with the costs. At the pitch stage, this is all you need to know. But if you’re taking things forward, you will want to know how day-to-day communications will work. Don’t just consider who you will be speaking to, consider the medium. We recently integrated Slack with several clients. While it’s a challenge in terms of time, it does allow for better communications across teams.

If you are interested in having Reckless as your digital agency, get in touch with the team.