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A Day in the Life of a Content and Outreach Executive


Beth Milligan, Content and Outreach Executive, is part of our Digital Marketing team here at Reckless.

When you think of content within the world of Marketing, what do you think? Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard? Is it the creation of material for blogs, case studies and social media posts?

Well, the creation bit is about right but there is a lot more to it than that. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to Activate Growth for clients.

Beth has created some award-winning Digital PR pieces that have been picked up by The Times and The Independent and gone onto win industry awards.

Find out more about Beth and her role here…


I joined Reckless almost 18 months ago and have grown in confidence and learnt so much since becoming part of the team. I have a first class degree in Creative Writing from Edge Hill University and I love that I get to use the skills I spent so much time refining every day. I have written content for The Original Tour, Witter Towbars and LABC Warranty, to name a few, and I am currently developing my skills in Search Engine Optimisation.

I adore musical theatre, so I enjoy going to see shows and performing in amateur productions. I used to work as a princess for a children’s entertainment company and still revisit this sometimes as I’m a huge Disney fan and love to perform. Nothing makes me happier than travelling and exploring new places and, when I have the time, I also enjoy reading and practising yoga.

1. Describe your role as Content and Outreach Executive?

Primarily, I am a writer, so this means I spend most of my time creating content for a variety of purposes. This ranges from blogs and web pages to email content and social media posts. However, in order to create the right content for our clients, I also have to do a lot of research on topics, keywords, competitors and collect data for campaigns. We hold ideation sessions as part of a team to come up with a tailored strategy containing new content and campaign ideas and I regularly use content management systems to upload or update content.

2. What does a typical day at Reckless involve?

I am usually writing something every day, whether that is social media posts, a blog, new landing pages or refreshing old content. I have also taken a keen interest in SEO, so I spend time doing keyword research and have recently begun looking at keyword cannibalisation, content gaps and duplicate content issues and figuring out the best way to solve these problems.

I am passionate about learning and developing my skills, so I enjoy taking insight from others and trying out new things such as delivering Digital PR campaigns and conducting content audits. As well as learning and developing new skills, I also proofread and edit the content other members of my team have written.

3. What are your favourite tools to help you get the job done?

It may sound really obvious but Google Docs is my favourite tool to use. I spend most of my time writing and it makes it really easy to collaborate with clients and teammates when proofing, editing and making suggestions on a piece of content. I also use Grammarly every day and have the plugin installed in Chrome so it proofs my work as I go. I think anybody who writes anything should use this tool as it’s great at picking out mistakes or making grammatical suggestions. Aside from that, I like to use SEMrush and find the SEMrush SEO writing assistant tool really useful if I am writing a blog or web page and want to optimise it for certain keywords.


4. As we ask our clients & prospective clients, what’s their challenge, what would you say is the most challenging part of the role?

Juggling different clients is particularly challenging because we have to get to know each business and industry inside out in order to provide their customers with the right information. This means switching the style, tone of voice and the intention behind what I’m writing as I move from piece to piece so I have to be flexible to cater to different audiences. However, I do really like this aspect of my role because it means there is a lot of variety to what I am doing.

5. What kind of skills do you need to be effective within your role?

I definitely have to be creative. I write a variety of content for a range of industries, so it’s important to remain true to the client I am writing for. This means I have to adapt my writing style a lot, sometimes a few times throughout the day, so I need to be flexible. I also do a lot of research around certain topics which can take a long time to find exactly what I’m looking for so that requires patience.

One of the most important skills in my role is editing. Once I’ve written a piece of content, I need to review it to make sure that all of the information is presented in a clear way which is easy for the intended audience to understand. When I was in university, one of my tutors told me ‘if you have something complicated to say, try to say it as simply as possible’.I try to apply this to all of my work because I find it helps me to keep my work clear and concise.

6. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Creative. Passionate. Adventurous.

7. Which celebrity or thought leader’s social media profile do you most admire, and why?

I love musical theatre and yoga, so there are two people I enjoy following on Instagram. Carrie Hope Fletcher takes her fans behind the scenes in the musical theatre world and in her personal life, whilst Yoga Girl shares her yoga practice, teacher training courses and family life on her account. What these women both have in common are their honesty and realness. They speak to their audience as if they are talking to a friend which makes their content accessible and enjoyable to view, read and engage with. I think it can be easy to forget that the person on the receiving end of your content is just another human being so it’s a good reminder to stay down to earth and speak the same language as your audience.

8. Finally, we have to ask this: when you’re really feeling Reckless, what do you think you would do?

I’m quite impulsive when it comes to travel, so the most reckless thing I’d probably do is book a spontaneous trip to travel the world… Or run away to Disneyworld.