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A Day in the Life of a Dev

My name is Jamie and I’ve been a Junior Web Developer at Reckless for just over 9 months now. I took a very unconventional route into the position after gaining a degree in Child Development and a Master’s in Psychology before realising that I prefer writing code over writing progress reports.

I’ve been creating websites and other applications since I was around 12 years old and even though I now spend all day at work coding, I still go home and do it some more. Since joining Reckless, I’ve worked on projects ranging from simple WordPress marketing websites all the way to building payment gateway integrations responsible for £1.5m per year.


1. Describe your role as Junior Web Developer
As a web developer, I’m always tinkering with some settings or amending/writing some code. No matter what we’re working on the goal never really changes, which is to improve the experience for both our clients and their customers. Sometimes that involves optimising servers themselves, implementing SEO or UI/UX improvements or something else entirely. As a team, we’re responsible for delivering the technical component of any individual project and since these are unique to each client, every day at work is unique too.

2. What does a typical day at Reckless involve?
Every day is very different than the last but typically follows a pretty similar cycle. I arrive at my desk, (climbing over Branston if he’s here!), and start my computer before checking what tasks I’m going to be working on. Then, I inevitably open up a text editor, too many browser tabs, a console window (or seven…) and start working. Sometimes that involves writing a lot of code, sometimes it involves lots of conversation. The variety is part of what makes it so satisfying because no two days are the same.
That and table tennis… lots of table tennis…
And coffee.

3. What are your favourite tools to help you get the job done?
There are lots of ways that this question can be answered really. The programs I like to use include PHP Storm, Atom and MobaXTerm, to name a few. The platforms that I like to develop on are Laravel, anything that involves NodeJS and a sprinkling of .Net.
However, my favourite answer is probably the rest of the team – not just the development team, but everybody in Team Reckless. Everybody has some serious talents and the best solutions are the ones that we reach when we combine our skills.

4. As we ask our clients & prospective clients, what’s their challenge, what would you say is the most challenging part of the role?
Really getting into the minds of our clients’ customers. When we’re choosing how to implement a certain feature, we need to do it in a way that works for the end user. Each of our clients has a very different target market so we’re often building websites to be used by many demographics. Customers see and use technology in very different ways so we have to adapt to ensure the end users’ experience is the best we can make it.



5. What kind of skills do you need to be effective within your role?
General skills include versatility, persistence and logic as well as a lot of pretty specific technical skills.

6. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Work in Progress… or if I want to sound useful: Methodical, Resilient, Responsible.

7. Which celebrity or thought leader’s social media profile do you most admire, and why?
I don’t really follow any public figures on social media but if I had to pick anyone then I’d choose two different people for two very different reasons.
@linusgsebastian for communicating tech so well and really bringing tech into the public sphere in a way that resonates with normal(ish) people.
And @karaswisher for championing equality and social accountability in tech and tech reporting.

8. Finally, we have to ask this: when you’re really feeling Reckless, what do you think you would do?
That’s a hard question. Reckless is an interesting mix of playing crazy golf in old breweries, working hard and solving murder mysteries, (or in my case being wrong but sounding very confident). So being really Reckless would probably involve doing all of that whilst playing table tennis.

Definitively the most “Reckless” thing I’ve done since being here was bruising my mouth by getting a plastic shot glass stuck to my face…
It’s a long story…

If you’re interested in Web Development and this sounds like a working life that you could get stuck into, contact us today and share a bit about you along with your CV.