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Mental Health Awareness Week at Reckless


A good work-life balance is so important, especially in a fast-paced industry such as ours.

Challenges and changes to your projects can happen on a daily basis and this can bring about their own pressures on individuals.

Here at Reckless, we are strong believers in finding the right balance between the hard work everyone puts in, celebrating success and knowing when to take a step back to be our most effective. However, we are fully aware that with the highs we try to create, people can still feel the lows too.


This week (13th – 19th May) is the official ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’.

We will be taking some time each day to ensure that the team has an awareness of how Reckless are supporting each individual’s mental health. We want everyone to be able to spot signs of stress, anxiety or anything that causes them to worry and offer ways to help them, whether that be by talking to someone in the office or offering support from advice lines and external websites.

We know that everyone can have down days; it’s completely normal and we just want our team to know this too and feel comfortable enough to talk about it. To support this idea, our Design Team have created a campaign, that will include posters going up around the office, reminding us all that ‘it’s ok not to be ok’, with contact details for a variety of support resources. These posters are not just here for the week, or the month, they will stay up all year round, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting everyone’s well-being.


Our Culture and Talent Director has been discussing our well-being efforts with NABS; a support organisation for the advertising and media industry. Their advice line will feature as part of our campaign, as they offer support with a wide range of issues from anxiety to money matters and career development.

As well as this, we have a selection of mental health guides provided by Mind to raise awareness of issues people may be bottling up inside and how to tackle them, such as a guide to sleep and how connected food and your mood really are. There will also be a mixture of activities going on, to keep mental health awareness at the forefront of everyone’s minds and ensuring it’s no longer a ‘taboo’ subject.

We hope that companies across the UK embrace this week, to understand just how important it is to look after your team and make employee well-being a key part of your culture and business focus too.

NABS Advice Line: 0800 707 6607

Samaritans Urgent 24hr Support: 116 123