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Telling Stories With Content Marketing

As writers, we love to tell stories.

Whether these are stories we’ve read, stories we’ve been told or stories we’ve crafted ourselves, the art of storytelling is something we hold dear. Through content marketing, the stories we create speak to real people, with real problems, and it’s our job to help them find the answers they are looking for. To support and be part of National Storytelling Week, we are giving our insights into telling stories with Content Marketing.

Traditional storytelling is a way of provoking emotion by sharing ideas and experience. However, although we have moved on a lot from telling stories around a fireplace, the basic principles remain the same. Stories need to have a point and they should educate and engage your target audience. So, when you begin crafting your digital story you should think about:

Who are you telling a story for?

What do you want them to know?

What do you want them to do with the information you have given them?


National Storytelling Week
National Storytelling Week
National Storytelling Week
National Storytelling Week


Telling a story through content marketing is not limited to writing your brand history. It includes everything from product descriptions, blog posts and FAQs to contact forms, social media content and digital PR. However, you need to tell these stories in a way that works best for your audience. If your message would resonate better as a video on your social media channels, rather than an extensive blog post, then you should connect with your audience in the way that works best for them.

Content marketing is really no different to traditional storytelling. We want to engage your audience and to do that, we get to know them through data and by communicating with them. By understanding what drives them, as well as their doubts and fears, we can tell the stories they want to hear. This helps us to build trust as we can speak their language and tell them what they really want to know which, ultimately, pushes them towards making that all-important enquiry or purchase.

National Storytelling Week


As we move through the 21st century, there are more ways to craft, tell and share stories than ever before. You can reach people all over the world in this digital age but to do that, you need to stand out. Everybody is sharing their story, selling their products and building their brand online. So, you need to find what makes you different, uncover new stories and see what your competition is doing – then do it better!

Do you need help writing the next chapter of your story?

Share your challenge with us today and together, we can begin to tell the stories which connect with your audience on an emotional level and keep them coming back for more.