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Who R You with Kate Upton

Kate is the Client Services Director here at Reckless and has been part of our team for 4 years.  She joined us as a Senior Digital Account Manager back in 2015 with a background in Account Management at digital marketing and website development agencies.

Kate has fantastic client relationships, some being with the likes of The Original Tour and Sodexo, who she has worked with now for a couple of years. A meeting with either client wouldn’t be right if it didn’t involve a cheeky glass of wine.



How does the client services team work at Reckless?

We’re the main face of the agency. It’s our job to really understand our clients, their businesses and both their personal and business objectives.

We work best when it’s a true partnership. So, it’s the Client Services team’s job to make sure that this is the case.

My team is the main point of contact for keeping our clients up to date with their current workflow whilst also ensuring we are always keeping an eye on the future. Being proactive and suggesting new enhancements or campaigns for our clients demonstrates how we are keen to drive results for them or resolve business problems.

What happens when a new client comes on board?

Every client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager and a Project Manager if necessary. Each client is slightly different but usually, everything starts face to face. We’ll have an internal kick-off meeting and then kick-off with the client and key stakeholders on their side.

It also involves our key team members who will be working on the project too. Whilst the AM is the main contact, we don’t hide the delivery team away and it’s great for clients to get to know the people who are working on their project.

We make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of objectives so the client is clear on our workflow and what we plan to deliver. We will run through all of the tools and reports that we use within the studio and look at ways to tailor this to the client if necessary. At the end of the day, we want to make things as useful as possible for clients.

Defining the best communication plan is also really important at this stage. How often do we need to have discussions with our clients to keep the project moving forwards and how often would they like updates from us? Again, this is bespoke to each client. Some clients enjoy communicating on slack, others prefer email and some like to arrange a weekly phone call. It’s our job, as a team, to make sure we’re finding the best fit for each client.

Are you ready to hear more from Kate? Want to know what her proudest achievement is since joining Reckless and what is on her bucket list? 

Head over to our Vimeo channel now to watch the full sketch of Who R You with Kate Upton. 

Who R You Kate Upton