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Who R You with Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths is Technical Director at Reckless and has been part of the Reckless team since day one. Mike is one of the originals!  

Mike went to Liverpool John Moores University and graduated with a Degree in Software Engineering. This was probably a very predictable route for Mike to take, as he has always been the one to not just play endless pc or console games, but want to know the mechanics behind them.  


As Technical Director, his role heavily involves aspects of management, from business decisions to team support. You sometimes wouldn’t expect the ‘serious Mike’ when he is often seen to joking around with the team, or joining in with a game of around the world – see you can tell Agency life was really for him!

Mike has a great team of Developers, who he loves to wind up on a daily basis. They would happily tell you for themselves but I don’t know how much would be able to be heard apart from a lot of bleeps! 

So in your own words, tell us a bit about your Reckless background?  

I’ve worked at Reckless since day one. It started many years ago as a small business and I was working as a freelancer. Over time we grew, took on larger projects, which meant we got our first office. There are now over 35 of us, we’ve got a great office in Chester and we’re doing some of the most exciting projects we’ve ever done.

You use a number of technical platforms within your role, what is your favourite and why?

Two spring to mind: Shopify and Laravel.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. As it’s hosted, it removes lots of the headaches with running an e-commerce store and allows us as developers to concentrate on building new features rather than worrying about security patches.

Laravel is also a firm favourite. Laravel is a framework, so it’s not exactly a platform itself but rather a set of tools and best practices to build systems with. If we are undertaking a large build for a client then Laravel is the system of choice.

Are you ready to hear more from Mike? Want to know what a normal day at Reckless involves and who his ideal dinner guest would be? 

Head over to our Vimeo channel now to watch the full sketch of Who R You with Mike Griffiths.