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Who R You with Steven Swann

Steven Swann is the Creative Director at Reckless and has been part of the team for 1 Year. 

With 18+ years of experience in the creative sector of digital, Steven has worked at some of the UK’s biggest agencies and won numerous awards for his work. And it doesn’t stop there! Steven has also been a judge at the DADI’s, CSS Awards and Customer Experience Awards.

Over the years, Steven has worked with a range of international brands including Barclays, Canon, Disney, First Direct, PlayStation, Toyota, Lexus, TalkTalk Business and Diesel.

Who R You Stephen Swann Swannie

Steven works with clients to identify opportunities for Activating Growth through a clear strategic approach. He focuses on understanding their customers and the journey they take when looking for a product or service our clients are offering. Steven regularly holds workshops with clients, putting them to the test by asking questions such as ‘do you know who your target audience is or are you just guessing?’

Steven has a great team of creatives who, under his management, produce exceptional, award-winning experiences that include branding, website design and UX.

I think we should be open in saying that Steven is actually known to the Reckless team as ‘Swannie’. It has a much more creative flair to it! Swannie can usually be found either by the coffee machine, with post-it notes at the ready or flossing his way into a Strategy workshop.

When did you think the digital world was an area you wanted to be part of?

I first dipped my toes into the digital world after my second job, based in Liverpool. I have always been curious about how people interact with technology and how brands use it to capture their audience. Additionally, I wanted to learn new skills and digital was where everything was happening.

When you carry out your Strategy & Consultancy workshops, what challenges do you find clients struggle to disclose the most?

I think they can find it hard to see things from a different point of view. It can be difficult for brands to put themselves into their customer’s shoes and understand the pain points their customers, or potential customers may have.

Everyone loves a challenge and it’s our job to question the brief clients give us, take a step back and think differently. We can then deliver a truly amazing experience for them knowing that our strategy is backed up with data and insight. We run a number of workshops where our aim is to get as much out of the client as possible. Once the workshops are complete, we can test the outcomes against their customer base and validate any assumptions which have been made along the way.

Are you ready to hear more from Swannie? Want to know, in his opinion, what has been his best creative decision? 

Head over to our Vimeo channel now to watch the full sketch of Who R You with Steven Swann. 

Who R You Stephen Swann Swannie