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A Reckless Experience

Over the last few weeks, Reckless & Fran Serra have come together for a Reckless work placement, you can read all about it here…

A little bit about me…so I’m Fran, 21 and from Chester. I have recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Degree in Marketing and Digital Media. I am a keen traveller and lover of music and food. The same as everyone then…? My degree focused on strategic and influencer marketing, advertising and branding as well as user experience design. A great range of units that slotted perfectly into the Reckless brand.

I sent my CV into Reckless and got invited in for an interview with the Sales & Marketing Director, Kellie Sharp, and Digital Marketing Director, Alex Guest. I walked into an energetic, fun and extremely cultural office in the middle of World Cup season, which was great. Flags were hanging from the ceiling, castles towering over desks and a tooting clock, amongst other decorations. It’s fair to say it was ‘Reckless’, pardon the pun. However, the interview was nice and informal and I was happy to see table tennis and a pool table in the office.

I wasn’t too sure what it was going to be like starting in a Digital Agency because I’ve never had the opportunity to experience this type of environment, but the team were very helpful and attentive towards me. I was introduced to everyone and got stuck in straight away. Walking into a “Welcome to Reckless” Thornton’s chocolate on my desk helped very much with the first-day nerves!

fran work experience at reckless
Branston Reckless

When I started, I was challenged with the task of essentially breaking a website. Using my UX knowledge, I tested a soon-to-be E-commerce site for bugs, (not the creepy crawly type), to assure that the website worked as expected on all platforms and devices. Working alongside the Web Development Team, especially Mike and Andy, helped me understand the complexities of web design and the approach to providing solutions which aid the user experience.

Throughout my time at Reckless, I conducted several pieces of market research in a variety of different business sectors. This really broadened my knowledge of those sectors in ways I would have never imagined. The most exciting, yet nervous, challenge that I faced was presenting my research to a client for a potential new business opportunity which was very well received.

I also helped in the research and ideation stages of a business proposal for a client which will be later presented. The ideas were formulated by bouncing ideas back and forth with
Mike Ng and Lonn Landis from the Client Services team who were familiar with the client. I can’t go without saying that Sabine Lyon was a great help in answering any questions and showing me new tools which I never knew about. From here, the ideas were put down on paper and we created a user journey for them.

This part of marketing excites me as it requires a deep level of analysis and understanding of the pros and cons of certain ideas. I really enjoy using this knowledge and analysis to help decide the best direction to take, depending on Market Orientation and Competitor Analysis. This was the side of marketing I loved in university, and this project very much brought me back to that.

It is fair to say I was tasked with lots of challenges but it was great to help the whole team and contribute to numerous projects.

Thank you Reckless for a great work experience.

reckless experience
reckless experience