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In the digital spotlight with Figaro

Last week, Reckless featured as a key speaker at Figaro Travel & Leisure: Digital Marketing Spotlight event.

Matt Tilling, Senior Digital Analyst & UX Lead provided us with a 15 minute overview on Consumer Behaviours and Psychological Techniques within the sector. Matt looked at two specific tips of ‘Delight’ and ‘Fright’ when looking at alternative techniques to promotional incentives to encourage conversions.

Figaro Digital Travel

We also had a session of roundtables which provided insights from attendee’s experiences within the industry and what challenges some of you marketeers are up against.

Looking ahead, and off the back of the event, we will continue to support and grow the Travel, Leisure & Tourism sector, tackling challenges and looking at marketing techniques to activate growth for our clients.

We will be releasing our ‘Travel Guide to the Digital Marketing Challenges’ later this year which we will be addressing a number of challenges, if you have any you would like to share with us let us know. If you would like to register your details to receive a copy of our Guide, click here.

A few of the challenges we have heard are: 

How do you grow loyalty in a crowded market?

How can you stay on top of content demands and remain interesting?

How do you create a stable customer base with repeat sales?

Do you have a challenge that your brand is currently tackling that you
would like to share with us?

As travel industry experts, Reckless has helped many brands in this sector to grow, mature digitally and add value to the bottom line. We believe our insights and travel experience can transform many challenges into actionable strategies and high-performing activity.

To read more about our experience and insights in Travel, Leisure & Tourism, click here.

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