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Introducing #RecklessResearch

Squeeze into your butt.

That’s the secret to a high-quality squat. You need to squeeze into your butt.

Or so my latest personal trainer assures me.

Which is surprising. My previous personal trainer, Dom, promised me that it was all about the knees. “Keep your knees at a rectangle, don’t let them rotate inwards!”.

And the countless Youtube videos I’ve watched?

Yeah, they say it’s all about the thumbs…

If, you know, the thumbs are in the right position, you’re golden.

Digital marketing, and marketing in general,
is a lot like working with different personal trainers.

One agency is going to recommend that social media influencers will rock your world.

Another is going to suggest that you invest in a chatbot – “because ya know, everyone loves using them.”

And the Youtube guys? Well, they’re going to recommend that you MUST invest in their 10 point digital methodology, or your business will IMPLODE.

But how do you know who is right?

If you don’t have the experience or the resources to research a subject thoroughly, you’re likely to be basing your decision on a gut feeling – if you make any decision at all.

Like my personal trainer experience.

I have no experience in sports science. I don’t have the resources to question his advice. So most of the time I can’t ever be sure if what he’s saying is right…

“Not rotating the knees does make some kinda sense… err, yeah OK I’ll go with that”

But what if you could seek the advice of over 1000 personal trainers? Or, in the case of making digital decisions, what if you could seek the advice of over 1000 world-class marketing professionals?

Introducing… #RecklessResearch

Allowing you to directly compare your opinion on a digital subject with others, we’ve surveyed thousands of world-class marketers to find the answers to some of the most challenging questions in digital marketing.

(Did we mention that we will be researching the importance of a good product title?)

Questions like…
Are social media influencers actually much use?
Does content marketing actually work?
Has anyone ever actually read the introduction to an article?

So did you actually read the introduction to this article?

So, what exactly is #RecklessReseach?

It’s quite simple. We will present a question – something like: Do you think a high bounce rate is a good or bad thing? You answer the question. Then we will tell you how thousands of other marketers responded to the question.

The great thing is, at the end of the research, you can also ask your own questions, which in turn, will then be answered by thousands of marketers just like you. Simple.

Benefits for you:

  • Test your knowledge against other marketers
  • Be confident that you’re making the right decisions
  • Discover articles and resources on subjects you’re struggling with

What #RecklessResearch will cover:

  • Do you think the burger nav should be on the top left or top right?
  • Do you think a website should have a search feature in the header?
  • How often should you repurpose content?
  • Is link building still an effective SEO tactic?
  • Which content type will generate the best results for your business in 2019?
  • How important is it that you analyse competitors before making strategic decisions?
  • And much, much more…

What #RecklessResearch will not cover:

  • Squatting
  • Choosing a personal trainer
  • Gary Vee
  • Fake stats 

So, if like us, you want to use more than someone else’s opinion to judge the quality of your squat – then sign up to receive the first write up on #Reckless Research.

P.s As an added bonus, we will also be writing a series of posts on the findings throughout the year. Using empirical evidence to both support and challenge the findings, we will be giving you tonnes of resources to help you further learn about a range of awesome subjects.

Sound good? Remember to sign up by completing our challenge form here.