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National Coding Week

To keep sharing the love and appreciation to our developers for #NationalCodingWeek, we thought we would get to know a bit more about what goes on in the mind and working day of one of our developers.

As the consensus within the team is head down, headphones on, you can imagine they all came running when we mentioned ‘question time with marketing’!

Coding Daniel Dolby
reckless experience

Daniel Dewhurst (also known to many as Dolby), is one of our PHP Developers and has been part of the team for 4 years. Here’s what he has to say…

1. Describe your role as web-developer?

My role as a web developer mainly revolves around creating new websites or working on existing websites to add or change functionality. Whether that will be creating a new landing page for SEO or adding a payment provider to an e-Commerce website.

2. What does a typical day at Reckless involve?

When I first get in I’ll check my schedule for that day and see what projects I’ll be working on. This may then lead to talking to various colleagues to ask questions and collect more information before starting the tasks.

Lunch usually consists of a meal deal and some energetic games of table tennis.

3. What’s the most challenging part of the role?

There’s always a lot of technologies to keep up to date with, so I’d say this was one of the most challenging parts of my role. Existing technologies are constantly changing and new things are always popping up! It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you don’t get left behind.

4. Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of becoming a Software Developer?

Try to find a specific area of software development that suits you the best. Preferably something you enjoy doing! Watch videos, read guides and most importantly, put what you learn into practice.

Building a portfolio of projects is never a bad idea. For me, it is definitely the easiest way to learn and can also look good on your CV!

5. If you could share one mastermind to learn from, who would it be?

I’d probably have to say Taylor Otwell due to my liking for the Laravel Framework. He’s very active in the open source world and seems to know a lot about what he’s doing!

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Coding Daniel Dolby
Dolby Web Development