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Reckless Recruits: Senior Digital Project Manager

This role has now been successfully filled. Following on from our success in 2018, with a range of new projects and welcoming exciting new clients on board, we are now on the lookout for an experienced Senior Digital Project Manager to join our Delivery team.

Role Summary

You’re an adaptable and resilient person, always looking to improve. Making clients happy matters to you. Problem-solving makes you feel alive and mitigating risks keeps you honest. You can communicate with all walks of digital life, and you don’t shy away from difficult conversations. Asking ‘why’ is second nature to you, as is organising.

Role Purpose

  • To bring the project team together to deliver our projects to scope, on schedule and to budget
  • To reduce uncertainty, remove obstacles, maintain momentum and keep our clients and your team happy

A Day in the Life of a Senior Project Manager

Your day is filled with conversations — with account managers, digital marketing, design & UX, CRO, development, content and clients. You have built great relationships with all of these people, as they are your delivery platform and your problem-solving network, all here to support each other.

You steer your projects, making adjustments to your approach every day. You prioritise, trade, swap and remove features, finding ways to adopt better features based on changing needs and better ideas. You estimate using many different strategies and techniques, and you keep your finger on the ‘budget’ pulse. You bring together the right people at the right time to solve problems, make decisions, encourage collaboration, manage conflict, plan activity and manage resources. You routinely check that the project is meeting the business need. And, you look along and across your projects, searching for the unexpected, against which you mitigate, hard.

You make things visible, identifying real progress through kanban boards, writing on walls, project software and reports so everyone knows where we are/are going. You look at project data for trends, patterns and themes, using this insight to improve the way we work.

Our Delivery Environment

You look to create the best possible conditions for delivery by making the project environment:

  • Predictable — you reduce uncertainty by using a common approach, language, templates, quoting process and scheduling and by making progress visible
  • Predictive — you explore the future environment by learning lessons, considering risks and issues, measuring success, recording estimates, tracking resources and comparing costs
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Staying In Control of Projects

To ensure we have full control of our projects, you use software, physical boards, stand-ups, conversations, demos and reports to give the team, the client and company visibility.

You can show we’re managing scope and work in progress effectively; we’re making decisions and removing obstacles; who is working on what and for how long; we’re mitigating risk, handling issues and fixing bugs; and, we’re learning our lessons.

Most importantly, you understand that identifying and reporting real progress/intelligence removes uncertainty and breeds trust.

The Extra You Can Bring

You know the digital landscape and how the pieces all fit together. You can talk about things people shy away from talking about — money, failure, lack of resources, conflict and so on. Your passion for Digital Project Management knows no bounds and you have a strong DPM network you can tap into. Finally, you excel at building relationships and delivery teams because people trust you.

The Reckless Life

So there must have been something that caught your eye about Reckless, that’s great and there’s much more going on than we can cover here, but the list below gives you a taste of life at Reckless:

  • Opportunity to earn 1 additional holiday day with each year of service, up to 5 days.
  • Breakfast brought in for winning new accounts and project work
  • Weekly fruit delivery
  • Gin tin Friday (social get-togethers)
  • Company pension scheme
  • Individual conferences, events and training budget
  • Perkbox membership after probationary period
  • Complete company transparency
  • A key focus on your personal development, with frequent 1-2-1’s and reviews
  • Internal messaging system, including an ‘ideas’ channel for the whole team to share and learn from
  • Great team outings; think an inflatable pub to in house massages and team away days in the UK and abroad!
  • And would we really be a digital agency if we didn’t have the necessities of table tennis, an Xbox, a dog, a beer & wine fridge and much more…

If you’ve got this far, then you’re certainly intrigued, so just get in touch with a little bit about yourself and why you think we’d love you here at Reckless; we can’t wait to hear from you: [email protected]

Closing date for applications: Friday 22nd February