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#RecklessResearch brings Market Research


Another #RecklessResearch is here, this time we are looking at Market Research

A friend of mine recently shared one of the best bits of marketing advice I’ve heard in years.

We were talking about the best way to market to customers when she came out with this zinger.

“Forget the latest ad platform, SEO techniques and insta-fazes, the only way to sell is to understand exactly what your customer wants”.

Now, that might sound obvious. But we think its something marketers too easily forget.

With all the shiny toys like AI, AR and programmatic, its easy to forget we’re in the business of selling shit, and to sell shit, the most important thing you need is a good understanding of exactly what a person is buying.

So, in the spirit of research, we want to know what you think of market research.

Is it important?

How often should you conduct market research?

Why types of research techniques do you use?

And, most importantly, with all the technology we own, is customer research still valid?

As usual, for every question you answer, we’ll tell you how you compare to thousands of other marketers.

Are you ready?

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