Privacy Policy

Access Logs

Our server collects some very basic information called access logs. This is a text file that is deleted after a few hours. It’s present on nearly every web server. The access log simply contains a list of pages that are visited, along with an IP address and user agent of the visitor. We collect this information in case of a bug on the website, it helps us track it down.

Nothing in the access log can identify you, and it’s removed after it hits a certain size, which usually happens after a few hours.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to get some info about how people use the website. It’s all anonymous, so we don’t know anything about you specifically. We use Google Analytics to get an idea about which pages are most popular and where people have come from.

Google Analytics sets a number of cookies on your machine to understand some metrics such as return visits and what pages you visit during your session. All Google Analytics cookies begin with _ga, and none of them contain any personal data.

Data that Google Analytics collects is anonymous. We cannot identify you as an individual on the website. Google shows us the data in an aggregated way. In other words, we know that X number of people visited a certain page, but we don’t know¬†who visited that page.