Directly compare your opinion on a digital subject with others, whilst finding the answers to some of the most challenging questions in digital marketing.


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What is Reckless Research?

As an agency, we see various stats that sometimes really do just make us scratch our head and pause for thought. We spend many hours, days and weeks scouring the internet to obtain certain data to support our client’s campaigns…so following on from one of our questions of ‘what’s your challenge’, we have set ourselves our own. We are going to find the answers to some of the most challenging questions in digital marketing.

We are creating questions and letting you, along with other marketers, provide your answers or opinions. Not only that but you will then get to see how others have answered too.

What’s the latest from Reckless Research?

Following the release of our first online interactive survey on Social Media Influencers, the results are now in.

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What can you expect?

Social Media Influencers

We are talking Tweets, LinkedIn posts, Blogs, Instagram Pics, Newsletters, RSS apps and oh so many more. Between all of those, how can we really know what and who to follow? Every marketer out there knows the feeling of drowning in information. That is where social media influencers come in. But, how much are we really influenced by them, how effective are they when it comes to making a purchase and what would we consider to pay for a social influencer?

Customer Research

Customer research can help address a variety of business challenges. Whether it's for strategic planning, new product development, market expansion or competitor analysis, customer research is vital to assuring you're not forming a strategy on guesses or assumptions. But how often should you do customer research? Who should speak to the customer? And how do you actually conduct customer research?


Branding goes way beyond just a name, logo or graphic elements. Branding spans every interaction that a customer has with your business. From the tone of the copy on your website to the way you pick up the telephone, branding is the consistent delivery of your brand values that make a memorable impression on consumers. But is branding important to modern marketers? How does a modern marketer create a brand? And how do you conduct brand research?


Your conversion rate is a single number that represents one thing, "the percentage of visitors who take a desired action." However, what is the desired action? Do you know? The approach to CRO can also be very interesting, some think we did it last year so not doing any this year. Or, it's expensive? Or budget has already been tied up in PPC? Let’s find out what the most popular desired actions are and how regularly marketeers focus on CRO.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is not restricted to a product or website. It spans every touch point that a customer has with your business. From adverts through to customer complaints, or even disposing of a product, there are many interactions with a customer that marketers fail to care for. But how many marketers understand their customer’s experience? Do they prioritise it? And what are they doing to improve the experience?


Occasionally, marketeers and other specialists have a difficult time grasping what SEO is – if it’s important and whether it should be a key focus for digital marketing activity. Ultimately, nowadays we like to think of search engine optimisation as not a stand-alone channel, but a series of best practices for the majority of online & offline channels. What do you think?

“In life, you just don’t know what you don’t know. Reckless Research aims to help make it easier for marketers to know when they don’t know. Ya know?”

Scott Taylor, Content Marketing & Outreach Manager, Reckless