Fake Reckless job adverts

Unfortunately we are aware of impersonators sharing fake Reckless job adverts online, most notably for a Copywriter position, and requesting money for job applications. 

Please know we are taking this issue very seriously and have reported it across all platforms and to the relevant authorities.

How to spot a fake Reckless job advert

Firstly, we only advertise our job adverts on the following platforms:

  • Indeed
  • Our official social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Our official website that you’re on now: www.reckless.agency.

We would never advertise our job adverts on websites including Jooble, Smart Remote Jobs, Remotive and Dr Job Pro. 

We would also never:

  • Request money or bank details for a job application or;
  • Ask for personal information over the phone.

If you believe you have applied for a fake job then please stop all communication with the impersonator(s) and report it to Action Fraud. This will really help the investigation and prevent it happening again.

If you are unsure if the job you have applied for is real, please get in touch with us directly and we will confirm.

How to apply for real Reckless jobs

We do love hearing from people who want to join our (real) team. The best way to ask about current vacancies is by sending your CV to [email protected], specifying the role you’re looking for, your CV and cover letter.

Thank you for understanding.

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