Top 5 Marketing Campaigns of the Euros 2024

The 2024 Euros are in full swing and brands have been busy launching all kinds of stand out marketing campaigns to get in on the action.

Here’s some of our favourites.

Carlsberg’s beer-proof hats

We’ve all seen the videos of elated England fans throwing their pints and drenching everyone around them when we score a goal. Well, research shows this leads to an eye-watering 5-million pints being spilled every time we score.

Cleverly, Carlsberg leaned into this with the launch of its ‘beer-proof hats’, promising to keep England fans’ heads dry during the Euros. Carlsberg launched the campaign on social media, with 100 of the quirky green hats up for grabs.

Irn Bru X Scotland

Before Scotland were knocked out by Hungary in the 100th minute, Irn Bru successfully reignited optimism in Scottish football with the launch of three funny TV ads. Titled “Doctor’s”, “Cafe”, and “Mannschaft”, the series aimed to spark excitement and hope ahead of the tournament, after Scotland failed to qualify for the World Cup in 2022.

The ads featured Scottish comedian Sanjeev Kohli and were filmed in Miro’s Village Cafe, a popular local business in Musselburgh.

Adidas X Hey Jude

Adidas is using the iconic Beatles’ song “Hey Jude” as the soundtrack for a campaign centred around 21-year-old Jude Bellingham and England’s hopeful journey to winning the Euros. 

The ad begins with fans watching footage of England getting knocked out of the World Cup and other historical moments of failure and despair. But then, the tone shifts to one of optimism, aiming to ignite hope in a new generation of players and alleviate the negative pressure on footballers. The ad features former England players David Beckham, Ian Wright, and Frank Lampard, alongside cameos from Stormzy and TV presenter Laura Woods.

Snickers’ ‘Own Goal’ campaign

Snickers has been rolling out its ‘Own Goal’ campaign for a few months now. Featuring football legends Bukayo Saka and Luka Modric, the campaign is all about highlighting that embarrassing mistakes happen (like scoring an own goal), but the important thing is  that you learn from them and do what you can to improve.

Here’s the TV ad:

The campaign goes beyond TV to include organic and paid social, PR, outdoor billboards and in-store promotions. Across each channel, the duo rate own goals from 1 to 10 and encourage the nation to do the same.

Taking the campaign a step further, Snickers has created an AI-clone of Jose Mourinho to give personalised video messages to fans, helping them improve their football skills. The  ‘own goal’ microsite allows fans to submit their mistakes, and then AI-generated Jose sends back a video message coaching them on how to do better next time.

The campaign aims to position Snickers as “the snack to have while supporting” and build “long-term momentum and credibility for the brand ahead of a big summer of football”.

 British Heart Foundation  – Til I Died

Before the Euros kicked off, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) launched a poignant campaign commemorating the lives of 12 young football fans who lost their lives to heart disease. 

The ‘Til I Died’ campaign highlights the often-overlooked impact of heart disease on young people. It aims to raise awareness and change perceptions, emphasising that heart disease can affect anyone, regardless of age. The campaign features 12 hand-painted murals of the fans who passed away, each displayed in their hometowns of Birmingham, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Southampton.


Brands have launched some fantastic marketing campaigns for the Euros, ranging from humorous to heartfelt. We’re excited to see what else will be launched over the coming weeks, especially as England (hopefully!) continue their journey to the final.

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