Reckless round-up #2

By Leanne Bates, Marketing Manager at Reckless

Preparing for peak, SEO tips + Google, TikTok and Amazon updates

Hey everyone👋

Well, Autumn’s landed which means Black Friday and Christmas will be here before we know it. How is this possible and where has 2023 gone?

Anyway, let’s dive in with our Reckless round-up 👇

💻 4 ways to prepare your website and mitigate issues during busy periods – Mike Griffiths, Managing Director, Reckless
Mike provides valuable tech tips, including topics like Cloudflare, ERPs, Query Profile Usage and Error Trackers, to ensure your website is well-prepared to handle increased traffic and customer demand.

🔎3 long-term benefits of great ecommerce SEO – Abi Crosbie, SEO Manager, Reckless
Abi explains when and why SEO is worth investing in. The key benefits? Save money 💰 Increase relevant traffic 📈 Improve website visibility 🌎

💻Digital marketing updates from Google and Meta

🔍Google’s testing a new ‘mentioned in’ feature to enhance search results
The feature (👇) enables users to see other websites that mention the website by expanding the main search result. The aim is to add credibility and make search easier, but hasn’t been rolled out yet so watch this space. 👁️

🌏Google provides more ads transparency to comply with EU rules
Google is taking proactive measures to stop it being hit with a hefty fine from the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA). And we mean hefty – up 6% of annual turnover🤑. Changes include expanding its Ads Transparency Centre so you can access much more detailed data and insights into ad campaigns to drive better performance.

Google isn’t alone thoughThe DSA is clamping down on all platforms with over 45-million regional users. Hence similar announcements from Meta and TikTok which both recently announced the ability for users to ‘switch off’ AI-driven personalisation.

📱MetaReckless round-up #2 introduces a new ‘branded content’ feature
Meta has added a new feature to its Ads Library so you can track branded content ad campaigns. The tool enables you to search for brands and gain insights into their collab strategies, which you can then use to inform your own 🕵️

🛍️Ecommerce and online marketplaces

🛍️Shopify expands integration with TikTok 
Shopify has expanded its integration with TikTok to bring ecommerce merchants benefits including access to its Events API, better ad delivery and measurement. 

📲Amazon brings Sponsored Product ads to third-party apps and sites
Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Mashable are among the websites that will start to show paid Amazon ads. Ad managers don’t need to do anything.  Amazon’s going to automatically show ads to interested customers based on their activity.

🛍️Shopify and Amazon team up for ‘buy with prime’ app
Shopify merchants have the option to integrate a new ‘Buy with Prime’ app into their website, providing customers with faster, free delivery. Amazon handles the payments, Shopify handles the processing!

🥳A bit of news from Reckless HQ

🚀Reckless expands into Liverpool to drive ambitious growth plans
And finally, we’re now taking up co-working space in Avenue HQ on Liverpool’s Mann Island after welcoming four new team members! Big things are happening here at Reckless HQ and this is just the start. Read all about our expansion in this week’s Insider. ⚡

l-r: Managing director Mike Griffiths and Callum Reckless outside Avenue HQ

That’s it for now folks! Remember though, this round-up is for you. So, if there are any particular areas you want us to include, or if you have any burning digital questions you’d like to ask us, get in touch: [email protected]. 🚀

A bit about Reckless
We’re an eCommerce digital marketing agency with offices in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. We help brands grow through custom websites, bespoke software development, paid media, SEO and online marketplaces. If you need a hand taking your eCommerce brand to the next level, get in touch 👇

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