4 UX tips to boost website sales

4 UX tips to boost website sales

By Leanne Bates, Marketing Manager at Reckless.

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In 2023, nearly a fifth (19%) of global retail sales happened online, and that number is expected to reach a quarter by 2027. 

It’s no wonder – online shopping offers ultimate speed and convenience. Browsing products, checking out and next-day delivery has never been easier. 

But with such ease comes high expectations. Shoppers want everything now, hassle-free and at the tap of a button. Long delivery times and clunky websites simply won’t cut it.

This is why prioritising your online store’s user-experience (UX) is so important. Focus on this, and those browsing your site are more likely to buy from you, come back again, and recommend your brand to others.

Here are four ways to improve your online store’s UX.

Make browsing and buying products easy

Ever been shopping on a website that’s difficult to use, find products and check-out? Your answer is probably yes and chances are you gave up, abandoned your cart and left in frustration.

Stop your customers experiencing this by making your buying journey quick, easy and seamless from start to finish. Conducting a website CRO audit is an effective method to pinpoint problem areas and opportunities for improvement. 

Additionally, consider the following:

Provide a good site search 

Improve your website’s product search functionality by adding features like autocomplete, which suggests popular search terms, and the ability to recognise typos and natural language. Name and tag all your products accurately too, so your search filters work smoothly and only show relevant results. 

These improvements will help users find what they’re looking for, boosting the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Use strategic call to actions

Strategically place call-to-actions (CTAs) such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Shop Now’, and ‘Checkout Now’, to guide users through their journey, stop them from getting lost and encourage them to purchase. Experiment with different CTA copy, placements and designs to see which ones resonate most with your audience and generate the best results.

Enhance your product descriptions and visuals

Write enticing descriptions that clearly explain what your products are. Pair them with high-quality, attractive photos to create a visually engaging experience that builds brand trust and compels visitors to buy.

Side note – Optimise all product copy and images for SEO to appear high in search engine results. Read this blog to learn about the benefits of good e-commerce SEO

Simplify the checkout process

Customers are more likely to abandon their carts if the checkout process is long. So, eliminate unnecessary steps and only ask for essential details such as name, shipping address, email, and payment information.  Be upfront about additional costs too, because nearly half (48%) of shoppers abandon their carts when costs like shipping or taxes sneak in at checkout. 

Additionally, offer guest checkout options for those who want to purchase quickly without creating an account. You could always give customers the option of creating an account after buying, so they can easily see their orders whenever they like.

Personalise the shopping experience

Make your customers feel valued by tailoring their shopping experience to their wants and needs. You could recommend similar products based on browsing history, display past purchases for easy re-ordering, or offer loyalty programs that reward repeat customers. You could even introduce an agent-bot on your site for a fast, 1-2-1 customer service.

Add new interactive features that bring value

Adding interactive website features can make online shopping more engaging, personalised and drive sales from new customers.

For example, we created Cartwright and Butler’s ’Build Your Own Hamper’ feature. You can curate your own luxury food hamper with biscuits, chocolates, drinks and more, before checking out and getting it delivered. This improved the UX and increased gift sales because users can customise hampers for who they’re buying for.

Website development agency in Liverpool and Chester - Reckless & Cartwright and Butler

Leverage motivation and urgency

Introduce countdown sales timers and limited offers to encourage customers to grab a deal before it’s gone. Highlight ‘best-selling’ or ‘trending’ items too, tapping into your customers’ desire of being part of something popular. Use social proof as well by sharing real-time customer testimonials and star reviews to build credibility and trust. 

After all, sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction and the fear of missing out to generate a sale.


Every aspect of your website, from design and responsiveness to copy, SEO, and personalisation, needs to work together to deliver the best buying journey. Testing is key, so don’t be afraid to try new features, page layouts and content to see what works best for your customers. 

As an e-commerce web development agency in Liverpool and Chester, we work closely with retailers to improve and build websites with great shopping experiences. If you need a hand improving your website’s UX, get in touch today and let’s discuss your requirements.

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